Access WiFi

WiFi Internet Access Connection Procedure


The library has provided wireless network service to connect your personal laptop to the World Wide Web while at your public library.  All you need is a laptop, wireless adapter and web browser.  There are three steps that you will need to follow in order to connect your wireless device to the library’s wireless network.

Please be aware that this is not a secure network.  It may be possible for personal data to be lost, damaged, or stolen while connected to the wireless network.  Please refer to the library’s Internet Use Policy.

STEP 1:  Set up DHCP

* If you know that your computer is setup to automatically obtain an IP address, you may skip to step 2.

1. Select Start –> Control Panel–> Network Connections (depending on the view set up, this might also be labeled Network and Internet Connections.
2. Right click Wireless Network Connection and then click Properties.
3.  In the General information tab, make sure that Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked and highlighted, then click Properties.
4. On this screen, make sure that the “Obtain an IP address automatically” radio button is selected. The “Obtain DNS server address automatically” should also be selected .
5. Click “OK” on all the opened windows to close them.
6. Restart your computer if prompted.

Your computer is now configured for DHCP.

NOTE: If you have an Internet service that you often connect to that uses DHCP you
will not have to set up this service, but your laptop may have retained that IP
address in its files. To get a new IP address through DHCP you will need to
release and renew the IP address.

To Release and Renew IP Addresses:
1. Go to a command prompt. In order to get a command prompt, click start and choose run. In the “open:” line, type “cmd”. A black box will open with a command prompt inside it.
2. At the command prompt, type: Ipconfig /release – You should get a notice that the address has been released.
3. Now you need to get a number from the library network. At the command prompt, type: Ipconfig /renew – After a brief time, you should be notified that you have a new IP address associated with your NIC card.  Once you have received a library IP address, proceed to the browser configuration instructions.

* You must have administrative rights to your computer in order to release or
renew your IP address.

STEP 2:  Setup wireless client

* If you client auto detects the library wireless network, you may skip to step 3.

Library should provide settings for connecting wireless clients to the access points.

STEP 3:  Setup browser proxy settings in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. On the IE menu bar, click Tools, then Internet Options
3. Under the Internet Option dialog box, click the Connections tab and then the LAN Settings button.
4. In the LAN Settings dialog box “No settings should be checked”.
5. Click OK twice.
6. A print screen of the final result has been provided below.

NOTE: If you have installed a Personal Firewall System (PFS) you need to be sure that your PFS is not blocking Internet Access. You may need to authorize access while you are using the connection.  Please refer to your vendor’s documentation for instructions on how to do this.


Appropriate changes have been made to support public WiFi printing for Windows and Mac computers. See the link below to install the mobile print client on your computer.

Windows users:

Mac users: