Make A Donation

Thank you for your tax deductible donation to the Crafton Public Library.

To donate through Paypal:

If you donate through Paypal, there is a field where you can add comments if you would like.

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Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations are welcome in any amount and may be made in person at the library. They may also be made by mail or electronically to the PayPal address above.

If the gift is made by mail or PayPal, please include the name of the person the gift is made for, the name(s) of the giver(s) of the gift, and addresses of both the giver(s) and the person(s) that should receive the acknowledgement.

Book Donations

The Crafton Library is currently accepting book donations!

Items we accept:

  • Books that are gently used with little or no damage
  • DVDs and CDs that are in working condition

Items we DO NOT accept:

  • Books that are badly damaged
  • Books that are moldy or caked in dust
  • Books that smell of smoke or other musty scents
  • VHS tapes
  • Medical journals, old textbooks, or old computer books

We thank you for your understanding and are very grateful for your support of the Crafton Public Library!