ALYSSA richter


Alyssa has been with the library since August 2016 when she joined the team as an intern while pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Luckily for her, a whirlwind series of events kept her here! When not at the library, Alyssa spends time with her grandparents, laughs with her cousins, and adventures to coffee shops around the city with her husband to work on that week's City Paper crossword puzzle.  Audiobooks and podcasts are her jam, so you'll probably catch her listening to a good mystery book or a trivia podcast!


This could be you!


This could be you!



Sarah joined the library staff in January of 2019 and became a Crafton resident in February. She majored in History and Museum studies at Mount Holyoke College and has loved applying her experience with archives to her work at the library. After college, she had jobs at book stores, art museums, antique shops, and thrift stores before finally landing at CPL. She couldn't be happier with her newfound work family. While her most loved activity is interacting with patrons at work, she often spends her time at home with her cat. Her favorite genres include graphic novels, fantasy, and historical fiction. Her pastimes include reading (of course!), painting, watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix, and knitting. You'll often see her working on different projects at the front desk.



After some nasty experiences many years ago that left her swearing she would never again patronize the Crafton Library, Linda has been employed here not once, but twice! Her son volunteered at the library and was eventually hired for a summer job. Once he went off to college, mom stepped into that job. She "retired" in September 2017 due to family care-taking responsibilities. Missing the interaction with fellow employees and patrons, she returned in December 2018. Beside her job, she enjoys travel (especially to the beach), crafts, theater and magic shows, and annoying her husband, children, and bird, Ashes.

tracey vogel


Tracey began working at the library in 2012. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Library Science certification from Carlow University. Although she has her hands in everything, Adult Programming is her main focus! Tracey considers working here the most rewarding job she's ever had and truly appreciates getting to know those who frequent the library! She started a conversation salon about 5 years ago, and it's still one of her favorite programs. As far as reading goes, she's partial to short stories. Two of her favorite authors are H.H. Munro (The Complete Works of Saki) and Guy de Maupassant. When she's not working, she can be found "estate sale-ing" with her husband Mike, visiting small town antique stores with her daughters, or playing her new favorite game, Pickleball!